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    How Weight Watchers has changed my life

    My honest views on how joining Weight Watchers has changed my life for the better.

    There we were, lapping up the luxury at Limewood Hotel in the New Forest to celebrate my parent’s wedding anniversary. The hotel was gorgeous, the weather amazing, the spa unbelievable. It was a weekend that we had been looking forward to for months, one that was bringing the family together, just the six of us, to truly relax and unwind with indulgent food and plenty of G&T’s.

    It should have been the best weekend ever. And it was. Apart from when I looked in the mirror. That was the only downfall.

    You see, for a long time, and perhaps longer than I care to admit, I’d been uncomfortable. Uncomfortable in my own skin, in my body, in my appearance. I’d let things slip, let the chocolate and biscuits and red wine take over. I’m not sure how it started; it was slow, but it was fast, all at the same time. I had become almost unrecognisable in myself. I didn’t know who I was, who that person that looked back out of the mirror at me was.

    Weight gain is a funny thing: others tend to notice it before you do; in some cases it’s not a bad thing, and in other it’s an awful thing; it takes control of your mind and your emotions. It can be a taboo subject, one that people don’t like to talk about or bring up with their loved ones. It can be embarrassing and awkward and unforgiving. When I started to realise that I was not happy in my body, it was all I could think of. And because it was upsetting me so much, I ate. Ate to shut those voices up, to comfort myself, to give myself something to enjoy.

    When we got home from Limewood and I uploaded the photos from that weekend to my laptop, it hit me: I needed to make a change.

    Before I go any further, I know I’m going to get people commenting or saying to me that I’m sounding ridiculous, that there was nothing wrong with me, that I wasn’t FAT. And let me caveat this whole post by saying that I know I wasn’t grossly overweight: but I was UNHAPPY and unhealthy. And to me, that’s just as bad.

    Something had to change. I needed something to shift to make me feel healthier, happier. I missed the old Emma who was full of life, laughter and love. Life didn’t excite me anymore, it was just governed by thoughts of food and weight and self confidence – or lack of. My clothes didn’t look right, my face felt puffy, I was self-conscious even in front of my closest friends and loved ones, and I seemed to have no control.

    I’ve tried diets before. I’ve tried the 5:2 diet, the low carb diet, the no sugar diet. I’ve tried exercising, and HIIT, and Body Pump and Couch to 5K. I didn’t stick with any of it. Nothing suited me, nothing spoke to me. Nothing seemed to work.

    Until I joined Weight Watchers.

    I’d marvelled at a family friend’s amazing weight loss journey just a few months ago and when I asked what her secret was, she proudly told me it was joining Weight Watchers that had changed her life for the better. I didn’t think much of it at the time but when I decided that this was my year to get the old me back, the thought of Weight Watchers kept coming back to me.

    There are some myths about joining programmes like this, such as:

    • It’s only for those who are really overweight
    • You’ll have to deprive yourself of all the good, delicious foods in favour of salad, fruit and water
    • It’s expensive
    • It’s hard to maintain

    I won’t lie: I thought each of these things myself before I started. But let me tell you, I was wrong. So wrong.

    Since joining Weight Watchers on 2nd January, I’ve lost almost a stone. It’s been slow, gradual, but steady. I’ve only had one week where I’ve gained weight (damn hormones); other than that, I’ve lost between 1-4lbs consistently week-by-week.

    I’ve eaten chocolate, drank red wine, had delicious meals out with friends and ordered pudding. I’ve bought a Fitbit, made new friends, discovered new recipes and exercised more. Above all, I’ve surprised myself. Because this time, I’m doing something that’s not only generating a result but is something I enjoy, and something I can maintain.

    I’ve been nervous to write this post as talking about weight, body confidence and “dieting” is a controversial subject. But I feel like now is the right time to talk about it; Weight Watchers is very much a part of my life now and I don’t want to shy away from it. It really has changed my life. My relationship with food has been revolutionised, I’m getting along better with my loved ones, and, most importantly, I’m not afraid of that mirror anymore.

    I’ll be writing more posts about my journey, including some top tips and lessons I’ve learned from Weight Watchers, as well as any delicious new recipes I discover along the way. I hope you can support me in this exciting new era; if you have any questions, or want to try Weight Watchers for yourself but aren’t sure how to go about it, I’m always happy to chat and offer advice.

    Here’s to a healthier, happier me.