Love Is.


This post is dedicated to my darling Toby, who reminds me every day what love is.

Love is…..

Support even in the darkest of days, hours and minutes .

Listening to the same worries and anxieties over and over again, but never not being there.

Building a home together, for better or worse, and creating a space we can call our own.

Laughter at the smallest, most trivial of things.

Climbing mountains in Switzerland, conquering my fear of heights and cheering me on as we walk for hours on end.

Friendship, pure and unadulterated.

Waking up excited for yet another day together.

Sitting in silence, still enjoying one another’s company.

Getting rid of those god awful spiders that lurk under our stairs.

Supporting my next journey, no matter where it’s going.

Being a shoulder to cry on and not complaining when mascara runs on your shirt .

Telling me when to stop, just stop, and think about what I’m saying, thinking, feeling. 

An adventure. 

You. Simply you. 

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    It definitely is! I hope you’ve had a great Valentine’s day! :)

    February 14, 2017 at 5:28 pm
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