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You know that saying: “Always look on the bright side of life”. It’s kinda misleading. It’s just not possible to always look on the bright side. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble.

I try my best to be a positive person. I always try to have a smile on my face, see the best in people, look forward to things and let negativity wash over me. But some days (and they occur often), it’s too hard. Some days, people piss you off and situations overwhelm you and it rains and your favourite top is in the wash and your bank balance is heartbreaking.

Being positive isn’t easy: it’s something that deserves hard work and due attention in order to be put into practice. Here’s a few ways I try and remain positive and some top tips on how to keep those happy thoughts buzzing:


I’m starting with an easy one: smiling is proven to release endorphins, those lovely hormones that make us feel happy. When things seem rubbish, it’s easy to forget to smile. But turning that frown upside down is a simple way of immediately making your day that bit more positive. Whether it’s watching Friends re-runs, looking at photos from that awesome festival last year or calling a loved one for a chat and a giggle, smiling really is the best medicine.

Look forward

If I’m ever having a low day, I try and think about all the things I have to look forward to. Sometimes, you can be so stuck in the present “negative” moment that you don’t realise just how much you have to live for and what’s around the corner. You don’t have to have big things to look forward to (although a tropical holiday helps) but even just looking forward to seeing your mates at the weekend, having that romantic date night or even just looking forward to going home, curling up on the sofa with a movie and tub of Ben & Jerry’s can be all it takes. If it helps, write a few things down that you’ve got coming up. It can be a real motivator.

Surround yourself with positive people

We all have people in our lives that don’t necessarily bring out the best in us. It’s not possible to only surround yourself with positive people all of the time but make sure you allow enough quality time with those that make you happy. If things are getting a bit on top of me, or I’m feeling particularly negative, I’ll make plans to see my best friend or make sure Toby and I get out that evening for a walk or dinner. Making the effort to be around those that bring positivity and happiness to your everyday is vital; they could be the answer to pulling you out of that funk.

Look after number one

I find, the best way to breed positivity in myself is to put myself first. If I’m treating my mind and my body right, by eating well, exercising and being mindful, I’m always more positive. It’s so easy if you’ve had a bad day (or week) to mope about on the sofa eating crap and feeling sorry for yourself. But instead of wallowing, get outside for a walk or a run, cook a nutritious dinner and take some time to do something you love. For me, I like to escape in a book or my favourite Netflix series in bed for an hour or so. It really helps me zone out and be in my own little world, even just for a short while.

Count your blessings

This is one tip I need to take more seriously: counting your blessings is so important and putting things into perspective can be a real eye-opener. Much like thinking about what you’ve got to look forward to, think about what you have right now that is good. Many of us will forget the little things we have in life that bring real positivity: a warm home, a full fridge, a loving family, a network of friends, a mortgage-paying job. For me, this is the hardest step to being positive and it takes work but it can really help quash that negativity

How do you stay positive? Let me know in the comments xo

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