Thursday Thoughts | We’re all the same underneath


Over the last few years, my taste in reading material has changed dramatically. Pre-university, I was perfectly happy losing myself to any kind of chick-lit (I hate that phrase), whilst post-uni I was desperate to escape the classics and turned to thrillers and crime novels. Today, I’m a self-confessed self-help book kinda gal.

I don’t necessarily read this kind of book because I feel like I need help – although, I do think we could all do with admitting more that we need a helping hand from time to time – but rather, I read them because I find self-help books comforting sources of inspiration and information.

My current read, nestled on my bedside table, is Ruby Wax’s hilarious ‘A Mindfulness Guide For The Frazzled‘. I’m only about 80 pages in and yet I’m confident in saying it’s by far the best book on mindfulness and the science behind happiness and mindful living I’ve come across.

I stumbled across a quote of Rubys this week: “I realised that we all have pretty much the same equipment under our scalps. We all share the same glitches – I realise now that they aren’t my fault, they’re just a matter of evolution.”

And it got me thinking…we really are all the same underneath it all. Sometimes, it’s so easy to get swept up with our own anxieties, worries, stresses and concerns and immediately take offence when others display their own negative vibes. Surely I’m not the only one who’s been in the firing line of someone on a bad day and felt narked that I’m the target, without even considering that they’re just going through the same “glitches” that I experience all the time?

Our brains are all the same; in so far that we’re all born with one, they’re all there for the same purpose and they all (pretty much) look the same. It’s how they function that makes us different to one another. And sometimes, it’s hard to remember that underneath all our personality traits and skills and achievements and all that “surface stuff”, we’re all the same.

Since reading this quote from Ruby (now officially my favourite person of all time), I’m consciously trying to remember to give the benefit of the doubt to others; let’s all remember that beneath the surface, lurking in the darkness, we all share the same emotions and feelings. It’s just how we express them that’s different.


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