The best bank holiday weekend ever

Basil bushes

I love a bank holiday. Who doesn’t?! Three days off = plenty of time for lie-ins, productivity, family time, general loveliness. There’s no doubt most of us went back to work yesterday¬†only to say to our colleagues: “Why can’t every weekend be a three-dayer?”

This past bank holiday was one of the best ever. I didn’t even plan for it to be, it just so happened to be a lovely few days spent with loved ones. They’re the best.

So often, we can get preoccupied with how we can best use our time off: how much work can we get done at home, how many jobs can we tick off the list, how much can I pack in? We’re all a bit obsessed with “making the most of it” which, in theory, sounds great. But whatever happened to just enjoying it and taking it as it comes?

Toby and I didn’t really have plans for this weekend other than I had a date to celebrate three of my girlfriends’ birthdays on Saturday night. Other than that, the world was our oyster. For some, not having plans might seem alien. For me, it was dreamy.

Waking up on Saturday knowing we had the whole day ahead with no set plans was just the best. We had Toby’s Mum round with her puppy and had plenty of doggy kisses and playtime. We went for a lunch date at a local garden centre and had the world’s best sausage roll and carrot cake and then wandered round looking for a basil plant whilst oggling over the raised beds and trying to figure out how we can jazz up our front garden this Summer. We came home; I had a nap, Toby fitted some kitchen cabinet doors, I got ready for my girly night out leisurely with YouTube playing reruns of the Saccone-Jolys whilst experimenting with new makeup products.

On Sunday, we caught up with my parents and even got to see my grandparents who were staying: we sat in the garden with rose wine, our bellies full of roast beef and Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream and talked about my birthday next month. We then enjoyed a spontaneous evening of wine, beer gardens and then an even more spontaneous Wagamama’s with our best friends Tom and Charlotte before coming home to a glass of Bailey’s and Gogglebox curled under a blanket in our PJ’s. It’s been the best.

I guess the point of this post is to act as a reflection for me; I don’t need to have loads planned to make the most out of my time off. I just need friends, Toby, spontaneity and a few glasses of vino. What could be better?

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  • Reply Charlie

    This is so true. Every weekend I make plans for the days/evenings and don’t leave any time for myself or just to wait and see what happens! I must do that more :)

    Charlie xxx

    June 10, 2016 at 2:26 pm
  • Reply Angelina

    3 day weekends are the best! I love how they don’t seem too long, but just right. I haven’t had an unplanned weekend in ages, so the way you describe things is so intriguing!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

    June 22, 2016 at 1:32 am
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