April Goals

Spring tulips in a vase

How the hell are we a quarter of the way through 2016?! Seriously; Christmas seemed like yesterday and where on earth did Easter go?! Hello April you sparkly, shiny, Spring-like month.

I bloody love April: it’s my boyfriend’s birthday and our anniversary next week, it heralds that Summer is on its way, I finally put my winter boots away and can start wearing my beloved TopShop sunnies again. As much as I love Christmas, Winter never does me any good both mentally and physically so I’m very delighted to welcome April with open arms.

This is the first time I’m setting myself monthly goals on the blog: I’ve always been a bit scared to do so before in case I fail and look like a massive let down. But I’ve realised in recent weeks that I don’t really care what other people think; well, not as much as I used to anyway. I want to set myself some goals for the four weeks ahead and see if I can achieve at least a few of them. They’re not massive goals; just little things I want to change, adopt or aspire and challenge myself to.

Get back on the healthy wagon

Yes I know, who doesn’t put ‘eating healthily’ in their top goals like ALL the time? Hear me out. I’ve tried every diet out there. I’ve paid money for plans and programmes that I gave up after just a few weeks. I’ve starved myself on the 5:2 diet and put myself through the hell of no sugar. A few weeks ago, Toby and I embarked on a new challenge: the Primal Blueprint Diet. Its simple ethos is this: low carbs, high fat, high protein, all in moderation. I tried it for a few weeks and bloomin’ loved it. I felt lighter, healthier, taller (yes, weird), all in all more energised. I could still eat delicious foods like eggs, cheese, salmon, dark chocolate, avocados and I was only “depriving” myself of carbs such as grains (rice, pasta etc) and excess sugar which I know do me no good anyway.Then Easter happened. And a chest infection. So I comfort ate and now I’m paying the price. So April, help me get back on the healthy wagon and get back to that happier Emma who I was introduced to not that long ago.

Spend less time online

This might be my toughest goal. I work in social media for a living. I am addicted to Instagram. YouTube is my second boyfriend. I’m painfully aware of the fact that I spend too much time scrolling on my phone, refreshing Twitter and trying to figure out Snapchat. I want to try my damn hardest to switch off from all things social and online after 9pm on week nights. This tends to be when Tobes and I sit down to watch something on TV or I go for bubble bath yet I’m still obsessed with checking things online during advert breaks or whilst I’m soaking amongst my favourite Lush products. If I can turn off after 9pm, I’m hoping I’ll slowly become less reliant on social media and technology and more acquainted with myself.

See more friends

I’ve neglected my social life a tad of late. Life gets in the way. As does a waning bank account and illness. But I’m determined to get back in touch with people I’ve not seen for ages, remember to text my oldest friends just to say HI and get involved more in social stuff like work nights out. No more winter hibernation for me.

Save money

Ah, saving money. The epitome of life goals. When you’re a home owner and therefore a mortgage owner, your purse becomes decidedly tighter. Put that together with an addiction to Boots and New Look and you’re screwed. We’re doing up our kitchen at the moment bit by bit and need to save the pennies where we can. If I can put away half of my normal weekly budget into savings, I’ll be a happy bunny. Here’s to walking to work, freezing leftovers and no more M&S lunches.

I’ll report back to you at the end of April and let you know how I got in with these goals. Fingers crossed; let’s do this.

Spring tulips in vase with petals

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    Love the colouring in this post, cheered me up instantly! I love this time of the year as well! It is getting more beautiful and warm. Congrats on your anniversary!! :)

    April 5, 2016 at 10:16 am
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