All The Small Things


Sometimes, when things gets hectic and stress takes over, it’s easy to forget some of life’s small things. We all know the saying: ‘it’s the little things that count’.  I’m a huge believer in revelling in life’s little wonders and achievements to help bring a tad perspective to a manic day.In a recent blog, I talked about ways to calm a busy mind and I think focusing on the littler things is a great way to do this. Here are a few small things that have made me smile and feel all the more grateful recently:


Call me old-fashioned but I love a thank you card. I write them twice a year, after my birthday and Christmas, and love receiving them. We’ve had two pop through our letterbox recently; one from our best friends who recently got married and another from Toby’s sister who’s just had a baby. It’s nice to know our gift-giving is appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed.

notes on the fridge

Not only am I old-fashioned but I’m a true romantic. So when I came down the other morning feeling tired, grumpy and downright miserable about being up at 6.30am, there was no better relief than seeing a hand-written note on the fridge from Toby who had already left for the gym. It simply told me to have a good day and to drive safely. But it was the highlight of my week. Small things indeed.

Instagram love

Some might think it shallow but whenever I see those little Instagram hearts come in, I can’t help but get a warm fuzzy feeling. It’s even better when people you’ve never met or who live across the globe are liking your content. I don’t blog or Instagram to chase numbers but come on; what blogger doesn’t love it when a celeb or top brand likes your stuff?!


I’ve been struggling recently with my anxiety and just a couple of weeks ago, I hit a real low point. I picked up the phone and called one of my oldest, closest friends who knows all about my anxiety and spoke to her on the phone for more than an hour. Sometimes I wonder why people spend so much money on counselling when simply calling your best friend and having a rant is so therapeutic. Never underestimate the power of good friendship.

fresh bedding and brand new pyjamas

Is there any better feeling in the world? Fresh sheets with plumped up pillows and pyjamas straight out of the tumble dryer. Pure bliss. My favourite PJs are a Calvin Klein pair that I got for Christmas last year that are not only super pretty but super slobby at the same time.

bubble bath

Along with my obsession with candles and blushers (read about that one here), I also have a love affair with bubble bath. No evening pamper night is complete without it; my favourite at the moment is Zoella’s Soak Opera but to be honest, any bubble will do.


A night of uninterrupted, eight hours’ worth of sleep is totally underrated and in my eyes, a bit more than a small thing. Throughout uni and then my first few years whilst working in London, I struggled to sleep properly and often found myself still wide awake and watching re-runs of The Big Bang Theory at 2am. These days, my sleeping pattern is much better and I often forget to feel grateful for that. Glory to the eight-hour slumber.

What small things have made you smile recently? Comment below! xo


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