7 things I’ll miss about Summer

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Last night, I realised that, at 8pm, it was dark outside. I also noticed that I was wearing a jumper. Inside. And I was quite comfortable with it. With that bomb shell, it hit me that Summer is officially over and Autumn is well on its way. With my summer holiday taking place at the very beginning of July, I’m pretty ready for the colder snaps and longer nights. But there’s still plenty I’ll miss about those Summer days…

pimms and strawberries

These are two of my favourite things and they’re not quite as acceptable in the colder seasons. Yes you can buy Pimms all year round (and it’s probably much cheaper) and yes, strawberries don’t completely disappear off Sainsbury’s shelves. But these are fundamentally Summer treats and I’ll miss them.

Beer gardens

On the same vein, I’ll miss those summer evenings hanging out with friends and loved ones in sunny beer gardens, putting the world to rights over said Pimms or a refreshing cider. I won’t, however, miss the wasps that always seem attach themselves to my drink. It’s the worst.

Flip flops and sandals

Like I said in a recent post, the change in season also calls for a change in wardrobe, notably for your feet. Why are summer shoes and sandals so much prettier than winter boots? I’ve already put mine up in the loft along with my beach dresses and denim shorts (sob) and I have to say, I’m missing them already.


These were mine and the boyfriend’s best discovery this Summer; mini Twisters. Quite possibly, the best, most refreshing treat ever on a hot day. See you next year my friend…


Waking up to the sunlight streaming into your bedroom is the perfect way to get up and motivated. Boo to dark mornings and frosty windscreens.


Since buying our very own house, we’ve become a bit more green-fingered in the garden and I’ll miss mooching around garden centres and looking after our colourful pots and plants.


Does this even need an explanation? There’s only four weeks left of Bake Off and this makes me  sad. Roll on 2016!

This Summer has been a great one: we bought and moved into our very own house, I got a new job and got out of London, we found out we were going to become an Auntie and Uncle for the first time (yay!) and we went to two beautiful weddings. All in all, it’s been a pretty good few months. But Autumn is fast upon us and I’m looking forward to it. Thanks Summer 2015: you’ve been awesome.

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