Monday (sort of) Motivation


If you’re anything like me, Monday’s tend to be a bit tricky.
They’re even more tricky when they’re actually disguised as a Tuesday after a three day bank holiday weekend. Yes; four day weeks are brilliant. But having that extra day off can make you even more wishful for a permanent three day weekend.

I want to start regular Monday Motivation blogs as I’ve seen a few and they genuinely help to bring a smile and a bit more oomph to my Monday. This first post might not be legitimately a Monday Motivation piece, given that it’s actually Tuesday, but I figured I’d still post it.

Over the weekend, whilst I was in Devon, I saw a picture in a restaurant that looked very like this one from


I’m often looking for inspiring quotes to live my life by but find they’re¬†too long to remember or put into practice in day-to-day life. This one, however, is simple. Work hard and be nice to people. It couldn’t be easier.

Perhaps these two simple statements are something we should all be living by. Work hard in life, be it at the office, at home, in your relationships etc, and be nice to those around you. Kindness goes a long way and we all have bad days; that doesn’t mean you can be rude to others.

Earlier today, I was in a shop and was served by someone who clearly was not enjoying her morning. Rather than being snappy back (which, I hate to admit, I might normally do), I gave her a smile and thanked her for her help. She genuinely seemed to perk up, just for a moment, because I’d taken the time to be nice to her. Easy.

This week, I’m going to make a conscious effort to work extra hard in all areas of my life to ensure I’m doing the best I can. I’m also going to remember to be nice; whether it’s to my colleagues, friends or strangers on the street. What’s the worst that can happen?

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